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Newaygo County invites you to explore our new website. Many of the services and information offered by Newaygo County can be accessed online through this website. We will continue to update and enhance our site to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Having this information available at your convenience via the Internet is one more way Newaygo County strives to serve its community and the public better.


The 2nd Newaygo County Tax Foreclosed property auction will be on September 26, 2019.
Click HERE for auction catalog.

About Newaygo County

Newaygo County was named after Chippewa Indian Chief: Naw-wa-goo, one of the signers of the Treaty of Saginaw in 1812. The county has over 230 natural lakes and over 350 miles of rivers and streams. Three huge dams were built after the turn of the century: Croton, Hardy and Newaygo. Croton and Hardy Dams remain today, with Hardy the largest earthen dam east of the Mississippi.


Today Newaygo County relies on tourism as its main economic support, with agriculture and small manufacturing secondary. The Muskegon River continues to be the main attraction for summer cottage residents and fishermen, who find it nearly the best source for steelhead in the spring and salmon in the fall anywhere in Michigan. Hunting, camping and RV’ing are also excellent, as over half the county is contained in the Manistee National Forest.



If you did not know that the Drain Commission did recycling and where all there locations were at here is how to find there page. 

  • When you first come to the website along the top there will be a tab called Departments and under that there will be a tab called Public Offices
  • From there you will see a tab called Drain Commission
  • Once you are in the Drain Commission page along the right-hand side there will be a menu bar and the Recycling tab will be at the bottom.  If you click on the Recycling tab it will tell you all about their recycling program and where all there locations are located and their hours.

 When you recycle it helps reduce trash and make the world a better place.


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Sep 18
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Sep 25
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