County Incentive Program

The County is publishing on its website, a performance measurement dashboard that monitors performance trends in several key areas. This information is through our most recent audited year of 2017. Click on any of the tabs below to view the performance trends in each area. In addition to these graphics, we are including a Citizen's Guide in Excel format (also found below), which provides additional graphs and information. If you do not have Excel on your computer, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft here.

Page Resources

Part 1 - Citizens Guide (Download)
Projected Annual Budget
Long-term Debt


Full-Time Employees Per 1000 Residents

The number of employees per 1000 residents is a measure of efficiency.

Trend Indicators

Trend is Down, Performance Improving

Trend is Up, Performance Improving

Trend is Down, Performance Declining

Trend is Up, Performance Declining

Trend is Maintained, Performance Strong